Who am I, where do I come from, where am I going-there is no reason to relinquish this ancient quest for what it means to be human. The desire for humans to understand themselves  and their place in the cosmos is relevant to both the very pragmatic and the very absurd realities of our time. OPR is a media company that offers perspective on the human condition through the lenses of earth science; epistemology; and ancient civilization. Their associated studies may provide clues as to the origins of our own culture.

   Civilizations have come and gone, but more persistently, they’ve morphed into the culture we’ve inherited as our own. The ghosts of our origins live in our languages, rituals, religions, myths, and art.

Inquiry offers alternative interpretations of history. In addition to humans, we look at the earth experience through animals, plants, weather, light, mountains, water, earth, air, and spirit. The mystery precedes us, and the only way to know is to find out.

Our ambition at OPR is to confront the unknown, and ask that it reveal its secrets. If we focus on the mystery and the possibilities beneath all that we don’t know: we can never be wrong and we will never be bored.


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